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Reflections™ New World™ Evipo035 (N)

This semi-double flowering cultivar is rather pretty, especially its smaller, later summer flowers.  The flower opens lilac-blue, maturing to a pale lilac-blue and has contrasting purple-red anthers.  The early summer flowers have a 6” (15cm) diameter.  The later flowers become smaller as the season progresses.  Outstanding with deep coloured roses.

This clematis will grow to 6-8 ft. (180-250cm), starting to flower at about 2ft (60cm) to 3ft (90cm).  It is ideal to grow and flower on walls, pergolas, archways or on tripods, ideally with associated plants such as summer-flowering roses or through wall-trained evergreen or deciduous shrubs and climbers, through free-standing shrubs or for giving added colour on metal, hazel or willow tripods or wigwams, in mixed borders giving added height and interest.

Its multi-flowering habit is unique for a summer flowering, large-flowered clematis, as its blooms are produced in great abundance.  Many blooms change colour as they mature, giving an appearance of a multi-coloured flowering clematis, an added interest.

Flowering early summer to late summer.
Zone 4-9
Height 1.8m - 2.5m (6-8ft)
Pruning end of winter/very early spring when all stems should be removed to 12” (30cm) above soil level
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