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The Guernsey Clematis Nursery Ltd. is a wholesale producer supplying young plants to customers for them to finish, package and distribute to retail outlets. Our plants are exported to 19 countries and quality control is essential.

Plants packed to be despatched to overseas countries are placed in cool insulated boxes and shipped by air or sea to specialist nurseries all over the world that will grow them on for local distribution under special licence agreements. Plants shipped outside Europe are completely defoliated and washed free of their compost to meet stringent plant health regulations of countries such as the USA, Canada and New Zealand.

We produce:

  • Twice pruned liners in 7cm pots
  • 3 month, 3.5cm Ellegaard plugs for the UK and European markets only.

Distribution to the UK and Europe is normally by road on Danish trolleys. Despatch further afield, by air, in insulated boxes.
The Guernsey Clematis Nursery is able to dispatch worldwide on a wholesale basis - year round.


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Technical help and Marketing Support

The company is at the forefront of breeding and development programmes for new varieties. Its approach is a model in how to market plants successfully. It does not only sell plants, but offers a whole package to growers that includes technical help for the growing and production of plants, help with marketing and PR activities, lectures at the sharp end, garden centre appearances and demonstrations in collaboration with growers and partners. It offers the latest and best cultivars at reasonable prices and certainly offers a wider selection of cultivars than available from other producers. Quality is the key word and every new cultivar is tested for about 10 years in the breeding and development section of the nursery before it comes out on the market, ensuring the superior quality of its products.
Mail order/Retail level sales of a premium range are available through

Enquiries to:

 Lindsay Reid

or +44 1481 245942

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to be directed to Lindsay Reid.
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