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Hyde Hall™ Evipo009

An Evison/Poulsen cultivar introduced at Chelsea in 2004 as part of the Bicentenary Plant Collection. Large early flowering cultivar. Creamy white flowers, with a hint of green and pinkish brown anthers. This compact, free-flowering plant is ideal for growing in a container for the patio or small town garden. Its flowers are off-white with sometimes green or pink tinges to the sepals and they are 5 – 7 inches, 12.5 – 18 cms, in diameter and are borne on the previous season’s stems from May to June. The stamens are light chocolate brown, giving a good contrast to the sepals. It cannot be considered a good repeat flowering plant, this is offset by the sheer volume of early summer flowers. As well as being grown in a container it is rather good with other wall trained shrubs or climbers for the smaller garden.

Flowering late spring to early summer, and early autumn
Zone 4-9
Height 2 - 2.5m (8ft)
Pruning 2
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