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Kingfisher™ Evipo037 (N)

An Evison/Poulsen cultivar introduced at Chelsea in 2007. It has very large spring flowers, some 6-7 inches (15 to 18 cm) in diameter; it is exceptionally free-flowering and the plant is covered with nicely shaped full flowers with overlapping sepals.It has a good repeat flowering habit. Its main flowering period is late spring-early summer and it flowers again late summer-early autumn. The late summer and early autumn flowers are smaller in size but are produced very freely giving a mass of flowers. The blue colour of the flowers is very intense and the sepals are offset by creamy/yellow anthers. Each sepal has a sharp point at its apex. The flowers are followed by attractive sphere shaped seed heads. Ideal for growing through other wall trained tree or shrubs. Due to its deep colour, it contrasts well with pink flowered hosts or grey foliage shrubs.

Flowering late spring-early summer and again late summer–early autumn
Zone 4-9
Height 2 - 2.5m (8ft)
Pruning 2
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