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Bernadine™ Evipo061(N)

Category: Boulevard Patio

Masses of pale blue flowers (with red anthers), produced throughout the summer.

SPREAD: Approx. 60cm (2ft) after 5 years
ASPECT: In containers, against a wall, fence or trellis
POSITION: Full sun (but keep base of plant shaded) or partial shade
SOIL: Any good, well drained but moist garden soil

Water pot, leave to drain.  Prepare hole twice as deep and wide as pot. Dig plenty of moist compost and a handful of bone-meal into the bottom.  REMOVE POT BUT LEAVE PLANT ON CANE.  Position plant so that compost level is 50mm (2”) below final soil level.  Fill in with soil or most compost and soil mixture.  Firm in, water well.

Water regularly from spring to autumn in the first year after planting.  Top dress with compost and fertiliser every spring.

Flowering Late spring to late summer
Height 1.8m (6ft)
Pruning Once in spring down to 30cm (12”)
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