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Alaina™ Evipo056 (N)

Category: Boulevard Floral

A plant of free flowering habit which is a very useful addition to the Evison® and Poulsen® clematis range for the Patio or Deck Garden and the smaller town or city garden.  It grows most successfully in a container or in the garden and is best suited to a shady area where the flowers will not fade prematurely.  The flowers open deep creamy pink and fade as they mature which gives a  range of shades of pink.  The six broad sepals have a round tip and are sometimes slightly twisted, the centre is of a good contrasting yellow making a very attractive flower.

The flower colour lends the plant to be associated with a range of host plants with either blue or pink flowers, evergreen variegated foliage, either golden or silver, it would be ideal for growing on an east facing wall through a Garrya elliptica.

Flower Colour: Deep pink to lighter pink with yellow centre

Flower Size: 5 – 7” (14-17cm)

Flowering Early to mid-Summer and late summer to early autumn
Zone 4-9
Height 1.2m - 1.5m (4-5ft)
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