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IsseyTM Evipo081(N)

Category: Approved Clematis

Issey™ Evipo081(N) is one of the latest new clematis to be bred by Evison/Poulsen at Guernsey Clematis Nursery. 

It has bright red spring blooms with a yellow centre flowering off the old and new wood.  It has a compact habit and is exceptionally free-flowering. It has a good repeat flowering habit. Its main flowering period is late spring-early summer and it flowers again late summer-early autumn.

The late summer and early autumn flowers are smaller in size but are produced very freely giving a mass of flowers.

The red colour of the flowers is very intense and the sepals are offset by yellow anthers. Ideal for growing in a container in the garden.

Flowering late spring-early summer, and again late summer–early autumn
Zone 4-9
Height Approx. 100cm
Pruning Each winter to about 8 inches (20cm)
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